What we love and care the most is often the one thing we fear losing. Attachments of any kind can be a bearer of both joy and sorrow. Yet through our ingenuity and tenacity we keep pushing and keep dreaming,… Read More ›

Tug of War

Our collective story is filled with the vestiges of the past for every step we take is a step filled with the results of yesterday. A yesterday centered on fear of failure or attachments to things we should let go…. Read More ›

The Power of Words

It’s been said before that words have power so much so that physical wounds can eventually heal, but the wounds caused by words filled with hate spoken or written can last forever like a never-ending loop of hurt, sorrow and… Read More ›


During times of hardships and tribulations It’s not easy to remember the times when we were filled with joy and happiness. It’s as if we are held by the emotion of that moment whether its that of joy or sorrow,… Read More ›

Mirrors II

It’s not easy to convince someone of their self worth and greatness if they are unable to see it for themselves. Regardless of how many times you tell them otherwise They can’t shake off those doubts and inner fears which… Read More ›

My Name is…

I hold no shape but I occupy your mind,body and soul. I conjure up imagery that make you stop and shiver. I protect you even if it doesn’t appear that way. You hate me, but you can’t do without me…. Read More ›


  Julie beckoned me closer telling me she had something to share she whispered in my ear ‘ True love isn’t possessive but like water it flows and it comes and it goes’ I looked up and laugh and I… Read More ›


The truth is you can’t force someone to see things from your point of view you can be the most smartest, kindest and considerate person but people will only relate to you from their perspective, and how they view themselves… Read More ›