To be able to follow through with your dreams and not quit in the process is truly a precious gift that only those who don’t give up experience. In a social media driven world where our thoughts and feelings are… Read More ›

Trading Places

Life can be many things it can be exciting, jovial, frightening , worrisome and many more. Yet one thing we all share in common is that we all feel and experience these range of emotions, but react to each of… Read More ›

The Power of Words

It’s been said before that words have power so much so that physical wounds can eventually heal, but the wounds caused by words filled with hate spoken or written can last forever like a never-ending loop of hurt, sorrow and… Read More ›

The Unknown

It’s often been said that Life mirrors Art and vice versa, but who could figure that the world we all share would turn out this way. Is this the curtain call or the opening of a new act? Are we… Read More ›


During times of hardships and tribulations It’s not easy to remember the times when we were filled with joy and happiness. It’s as if we are held by the emotion of that moment whether its that of joy or sorrow,… Read More ›


Writers of yesteryear may frown at the writers of today and the writers of today may disregard their predecessors. However none of that really matters in the long run. What stands out amongst writers is the honesty and integrity of… Read More ›


The future isn’t written yet, and the past has already had it’s say. However today is a new day like the sun rising over the blue canopy sky. Let today usher in blessings and glad tidings, and close the chapter… Read More ›