Little Eddy

      My neighbor has a son named Eddy  Eddy’s funny and a light-hearted kid, He wanted to stay up late for the New Year’s celebrations. As night drew on, and as the hour to celebrate beckoned closer, I… Read More ›


I gaze upwards, at the wide open sky arms outstretched with a mixture of anxiety and relief. anxiety because I expected too much, and relief because I am learning to let go, so simple yet serene.


Some days and nights, I sometimes feel life takes the shape of a lion furious and yet majestic with a warning sign ‘Approach at your own risk’   Yet other times life feels funny and harmless, and you wonder to… Read More ›


Anytime we have a chance It’s good to celebrate and see faces we haven’t seen in awhile, even though Uncle Ray always says this time of the year is just pure commercialism It’s still nice to just gather around and… Read More ›


    Often in life, we come across shadows of ourselves in places, people and things, some are reminders of who we are, and others are what we aspire to be. I have learned there is no shame in walking… Read More ›

Mr Excitement

  You know Jackie, Even though I was born after you physically left this world I just know from your aura, that you were the ‘Man’ You oozed coolness in a era that personified ‘Cool’. You lifted everybody Higher and… Read More ›

Lost and Found

  Looking for love in all the wrong places. Searching for a peace of mind, in a crowded place. Priorities can be misconstrued and not understood, but maybe in our honest approach to peace and love we can both discover… Read More ›