You and I are like  treasured seeds brought into this earth to create to nourish and sustain the environment we live in. though we may differ on the outside we both share the same origin and purpose which is… Read More ›

Kahlil Gibran

Captivating, inspirational and honest just a few words to describe Kahlil Gibran a man who lived a short life, but in that time bared his soul and expressed words full of love and vigor narrating stories of all forms that… Read More ›


  Hope is the opposite to despair as sorrow is to joy. Yet as often as we experience these extremes we cannot afford to do without them. As enticing as a world of positivity and joy sounds How would we… Read More ›


Some gaze at the stars looking for answers while others holds hands and pray in silence Regardless of how you choose to pray or lack of what doesn’t change is our ingenuity to overcome the challenges we face. If the… Read More ›

Untitled #3

It takes awhile to understand one’s inner pain and self confession. Whose voice is it that you hear? and which one do you trust? My soul is like a deep abyss which I’ve flung myself into in hopes of better… Read More ›


Eyes that penetrate. Eyes that pierce. Eyes that glow and eyes that understand both pain and joy. Eyes that radiate with warmth and those that glower with coldness. Eyes that are wise and eyes bearing hardships. Eyes can tell us… Read More ›

Caught in the Middle

  Autumn like the middle child is neither hot or cold yet is caught between two seasons  who loathe one another yet one cannot exist without the other. When it is Autumn’s turn to shine Winter exhales it’s frosty breath,… Read More ›


The power to reach one another is a beauty with no comparison. Our differences are what makes us unique, but it’s our similarities that remind us that we are whole. Patience and forgiveness are traits worth cherishing and one that… Read More ›

Light as a Feather

To be light as a feather I believe is to be free and without shackles. To dream without weights and without care. Redefining what is normal,  and most importantly not letting obstacles and distractions put you off your path. What… Read More ›