I am an enigma come to close and I’ll run away, but stray too far and I’ll forget you. I am coveted and sought after. I am ever-present in your mind and heart, and take on many forms such as… Read More ›


In the beginning, Love was the password for all, but it’s true meaning was understood  only by some. For the rest of us caught up in the game of Chaos called human emotions basking in joy one moment and swimming… Read More ›

Mr Shallow

The pursuit of beauty especially on the surface level is a mirage that continually makes a fool of us all. If I say I love you for your beauty, because there’s none like you and I see that only on… Read More ›


  I admire your strength and tenacity. A testament to your will, and a reward for your open heart and faith. If grace and elegance could be personified I wouldn’t need to look far, because I see it right before… Read More ›

After the Preview

    Time waits for no one so let me roam your heart and set your trouble mind at ease think of those before me as only a lesson and I’ll show you what real love really feels like.  


I can be sweet and tantalizing, both up close and from a distance. I glitter and shine, and all eyes are usually on me. My name is Temptation, but people don’t usually call me that. Rather they lavish me with… Read More ›

My Jazz

Let these instruments be an extension of my soul whether it be trumpet, a keyboard or piano let them play what my mind and heart hold inside. I have so much to say, but sometimes words cannot do justice and… Read More ›


I hope when I find you I treasure you and see you for who you are, rather than see you as a woman that makes up the parts missing in me, but see you as a whole being.   I’d… Read More ›


      Some days and nights are like blitz of a comet streaking across the earth skies. Other times life passes by with no care, and you pay no heed to it till you look around you and every… Read More ›