letting go


  It’s hard letting go especially if it’s a dream you’ve sought after, a dream that took everything but gave nothing back. It’s not easy letting go but what happens when a dream becomes a nightmare? do you continue to… Read More ›


  Julie beckoned me closer telling me she had something to share she whispered in my ear ‘ True love isn’t possessive but like water it flows and it comes and it goes’ I looked up and laugh and I… Read More ›


  History is full of contradictions and deceit but by studying it we learn where we went wrong but more importantly what we did right. Part of being a human is the rush of emotions that we experience everyday from… Read More ›


The truth is you can’t force someone to see things from your point of view you can be the most smartest, kindest and considerate person but people will only relate to you from their perspective, and how they view themselves… Read More ›


I hear her calling but I keep on walking I can’t look back even if I could It pains me to hear her but this is for the best of  both of us Since she was Yesterday and I am… Read More ›


  Somethings in life are meant to be shared with everyone such as joy, friendship,love and dreams however life is fickle at times and along the way there is hate, anger, pride, envy and  this is shared with everyone even… Read More ›

To always Smile

Words written with an empty belly is like moving a car with no gas, You’re immovable, ineffective   even stranded, and like a parable, I compare it to my present journey The misplaced joy and the self-evident dismay I move… Read More ›


I gaze upwards, at the wide open sky arms outstretched with a mixture of anxiety and relief. anxiety because I expected too much, and relief because I am learning to let go, so simple yet serene.