Don’t close the door on hope yet what we seek is seeking us too. The only thing that Life can guarantee us is that change is a necessity and is ongoing process that affects us all. What may appear to… Read More ›

Duality II

There’s somethings that Google and other search engines can’t uncover. The thin line difference between truth and lies, and that not everything is always clear-cut and concise but a mixture of both hidden truths and bewilderment. The message is always… Read More ›

As the World Turns

No need for forced smiles and friendships when behind those smiles and relationships lies sorrow, guilt and regret. We wonder at times how the person we are today differs from yesterday Was it all just an illusion? A mere figment… Read More ›


I long for a place that I neither hear, see, smell or touch yet has captured my heart, and holds my soul in its hands. What I seek is akin to a world that is emerging so full of life… Read More ›


I’m striving for a change both on the outside and inside building anew on top of yesterday’s sacrifices. Whether we take a leap or a few baby steps it  is still a step towards an evolution, and not the kind… Read More ›


  Hope is the opposite to despair as sorrow is to joy. Yet as often as we experience these extremes we cannot afford to do without them. As enticing as a world of positivity and joy sounds How would we… Read More ›


Some gaze at the stars looking for answers while others holds hands and pray in silence Regardless of how you choose to pray or lack of what doesn’t change is our ingenuity to overcome the challenges we face. If the… Read More ›

Untitled #3

It takes awhile to understand one’s inner pain and self confession. Whose voice is it that you hear? and which one do you trust? My soul is like a deep abyss which I’ve flung myself into in hopes of better… Read More ›


Eyes that penetrate. Eyes that pierce. Eyes that glow and eyes that understand both pain and joy. Eyes that radiate with warmth and those that glower with coldness. Eyes that are wise and eyes bearing hardships. Eyes can tell us… Read More ›