inner peace


  Somethings in life are meant to be shared with everyone such as joy, friendship,love and dreams however life is fickle at times and along the way there is hate, anger, pride, envy and  this is shared with everyone even… Read More ›

Aim of Love

  Its kinda slippery whenever love’s around once you think you have a firm grasp on it, It takes a twist and a turn, and your emotions along with it. The advice given is to simply take it on the… Read More ›

To always Smile

Words written with an empty belly is like moving a car with no gas, You’re immovable, ineffective   even stranded, and like a parable, I compare it to my present journey The misplaced joy and the self-evident dismay I move… Read More ›

Life in the City

  The darkened clouds casts a mean shadow at the land-dwellers below, the laborers, the aristocrats the religious and even the pagans. This mean, sombre and sickly sky shows no mercy to the people it hovers over, men and women… Read More ›


I gaze upwards, at the wide open sky arms outstretched with a mixture of anxiety and relief. anxiety because I expected too much, and relief because I am learning to let go, so simple yet serene.


Some days and nights, I sometimes feel life takes the shape of a lion furious and yet majestic with a warning sign ‘Approach at your own risk’   Yet other times life feels funny and harmless, and you wonder to… Read More ›


    Often in life, we come across shadows of ourselves in places, people and things, some are reminders of who we are, and others are what we aspire to be. I have learned there is no shame in walking… Read More ›