inner peace


As I head towards the front door on my way to work I glanced back to say goodbye but I saw your eyes were shut and hands clasped together as if in prayer. I wondered why but stopped in my… Read More ›

The Unknown

It’s often been said that Life mirrors Art and vice versa, but who could figure that the world we all share would turn out this way. Is this the curtain call or the opening of a new act? Are we… Read More ›


    Any kind of peace whether it’s physical, emotional or mental  is a treasure that one cannot lose so easily. After all, remember all your trials and tribulations that you had to face that made you who you are… Read More ›

My Name is…

I hold no shape but I occupy your mind,body and soul. I conjure up imagery that make you stop and shiver. I protect you even if it doesn’t appear that way. You hate me, but you can’t do without me…. Read More ›

My Kind of Blues

I heard her play the saxophone outside the jazz club oblivious to her surroundings she seemed focused only on her music I felt captivated and enraptured by her blues I wondered what kind of life she lived to play such… Read More ›


  Somethings in life are meant to be shared with everyone such as joy, friendship,love and dreams however life is fickle at times and along the way there is hate, anger, pride, envy and  this is shared with everyone even… Read More ›

Aim of Love

  Its kinda slippery whenever love’s around once you think you have a firm grasp on it, It takes a twist and a turn, and your emotions along with it. The advice given is to simply take it on the… Read More ›

To always Smile

Words written with an empty belly is like moving a car with no gas, You’re immovable, ineffective   even stranded, and like a parable, I compare it to my present journey The misplaced joy and the self-evident dismay I move… Read More ›