To understand the meaning and depth of fairness One has to be in the mires of despair Searching for answers as to why things are the way they are. To understand this one must feel it Really absorb this… Read More ›

I wonder

I wonder at times if life is one big sitcom, and the people we meet in our journeyare reoccurring guests from past lives or part of the cast and everyone knows their role but you. If I promise to love… Read More ›

As the World Turns

No need for forced smiles and friendships when behind those smiles and relationships lies sorrow, guilt and regret. We wonder at times how the person we are today differs from yesterday Was it all just an illusion? A mere figment… Read More ›

The Penable Award

I wish to thank my good friend Yiena for this nomination. Yiena is a fabulous writer and an amazing person. I also wish to take this moment and sincerely thank all those who take the time to read any of my work…. Read More ›


  Let us not speak love but be love. Let our actions bear witness to our character and how we carry ourselves. As humans it’s unfair to box ourselves and set limits to our potential when our potential is really… Read More ›