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Simply an observer , Someone in search of inner peace and the esoteric meaning of life.

  • As the World Turns

    No need for forced smiles and friendships when behind those smiles and relationships lies sorrow, guilt and regret. We wonder at times how the person we are today differs from yesterday Was it all just an illusion? A mere figment… Read More ›

  • The Penable Award

    I wish to thank my good friend Yiena for this nomination. Yiena is a fabulous writer and an amazing person. I also wish to take this moment and sincerely thank all those who take the time to read any of my work…. Read More ›

  • In Search of Myself

      To look for myself in the world Is a recipe for sorrow, loss and pain For I can search high and low Near and far And never find the person I truly am. In my haste to chase the… Read More ›

  • Decisions

      Let us not speak love but be love. Let our actions bear witness to our character and how we carry ourselves. As humans it’s unfair to box ourselves and set limits to our potential when our potential is really… Read More ›

  • A love so Bright

      If loving you meant I had to always give you my all then my love will never be enough to satisfy you, and if being with you meant I had to be something I’m not then the love we… Read More ›

  • A love for a Lifetime

      Does love really last a lifetime or rather for only a chapter in your life, and we revisit on occasions when we reminisce on who we once were. Is love a reflection of who we are at the moment… Read More ›

  • Liebster Award Nomination

      The Rules: 1.Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them. 2.Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you. 3. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask… Read More ›

  • A chance to change

    In every moment we strive to do better with every step we hope we are that much closer. In the depths of our hearts we hold what we deem most precious to scared to share with the world what makes… Read More ›

  • Opposites

      The battle between idealism and reality are two opposites that will never reconcile. In pursuit of an ideal tomorrow I’ve forgotten what is most important which is the chance to live for today. Tomorrow will always be there, but… Read More ›

  • Enigma

    I long for a place that I neither hear, see, smell or touch yet has captured my heart, and holds my soul in its hands. What I seek is akin to a world that is emerging so full of life… Read More ›