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Simply an observer , Someone in search of inner peace and the esoteric meaning of life.

  • My thoughts on ‘To Be Young, African and Gifted’

    This is a  collection of poems that I had written with the intention to share my words with the world. The collection consists of 13 poems and is centred around self-identity, self-love, race and music. While writing these poems I… Read More ›

  • The Painter

    A vast array of different images, lay stretched out on the canvas wall It screamed loneliness and pain, echoing the thoughts that the painter could only hear. Try and resist, but the hand is guided with a will of its… Read More ›

  • In Dorothy’s Name

          There was a woman named Dorothy, who had a humble beginning was a child who always strived, dreamed a dream which was to be free and  exist in a loving world, long away from the concrete jungle… Read More ›

  • Moon

    This destination where neither planes or travel agents can claim, an abode for the weary and dreamers Will you come fly with me to this place called Moon She is shy and only reveals herself in the night, a bride… Read More ›

  • When I get Older

    When I get older I know I’ll blessed cause Lord knows how I survived these stress. My dreams, Whatever they were, Neither fulfilled or sought rather I spent my time running away from these morbid thoughts. I hope when I… Read More ›

  • Introduction

    Hello! My name is Hasan Adan and the intention of creating this blogsite was to convey my thoughts and expression of the world around me. I am an African particularly from Somalia who lives in the Uk. I write poetry,… Read More ›