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Simply an observer , Someone in search of inner peace and the esoteric meaning of life.

  • Mother Nature

    Mother Nature can’t be tamed many have tried to claim her and failed. Her power is a force to be reckoned with but her mercy is just as great as her ferocity because in the wake of her destruction she… Read More ›

  • Lady Winter

    Winter has taken her annual leave and Spring has entered the scene like a new born baby but lets take a moment and honor Lady Winter. It’s not easy being the season where Nature goes into hiding and all her… Read More ›

  • Dreams

    To be able to follow through with your dreams and not quit in the process is truly a precious gift that only those who don’t give up experience. In a social media driven world where our thoughts and feelings are… Read More ›

  • Limerick #1

    There once was a beautiful queen named Divine known all over for her kindness and her bond with her people which was intertwined. Jealousy and Envy were the talk in neighboring towns, but none of them knew the meaning of… Read More ›

  • A Lonely Man finds True Love

    There was once a man who had never loved anyone before not even himself , and whenever he got into a relationship things would go sour whenever he was required to explore his feelings or to connect with others on… Read More ›

  • Haiku #1

    Love has no confines but still some choose pain and grief Love begins with you

  • In Search of Better Days

    We all strive for a brighter future regardless in how dim and dark the present may look. You have as much right to pursue your dreams as do I, and We can collectively co-exist to create a world that’s desperately… Read More ›

  • Love and Kindness

    What does love mean to someone whose closed their heart to the world? What does kindness mean to someone whose given in to bitterness and hate? As human beings we all go through moments of trial and tribulations. How we… Read More ›

  • December’s Soapbox II

    As we see out another year, a year that has tested us all in many different ways and forms. As time goes by, I get the sense we are in a period of great change, as if life came knocking… Read More ›

  • Attachments

    What we love and care the most is often the one thing we fear losing. Attachments of any kind can be a bearer of both joy and sorrow. Yet through our ingenuity and tenacity we keep pushing and keep dreaming,… Read More ›