Duality II

There’s somethings that Google and other search engines can’t uncover.

The thin line difference between truth and lies,

and that not everything is always clear-cut and concise

but a mixture of both hidden truths and bewilderment.

The message is always up to the reader to decipher

like ancient runes or hieroglyphs.

Somethings shouldn’t need a sales pitch or a price tag attached to it

such as right or wrong or integrity and honour. 

It’s a disservice to ourselves if we treat others in contempt and animosity.

when today we may hold an upper hand,

but tomorrow may deal us another hand.




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13 replies

  1. Although it is a thin line i guess it’s what allowing us lots of freedom to analyze and choose what suits our way of thinking … quite a thought intriguing piece! Great work Hasan!

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  2. You really hit a home run with this one! Outstanding lines: “The message is always up to the reader to decipher / like ancient runes or hieroglyphs.” You can read all these things but you can never know if it’s really the truth of it. Some things are up to a bit of faith … until we can know more. Awesome post!

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  3. Wow, this is amazing. I deeply resonate with your words. This is such a powerful piece filled with so many deep truths, I absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing, so glad to have found you and your work 🖤🤗🤍

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  4. But just imagine how amazing it would be if we could just google EVERYTHING. But there is something unique about not knowing everything. There is a blessing in that!

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