Tales from a Distant Past

Let’s take a moment and rewind back to a distant past

as two lovers exchange written vows over the Euphrates river in Mesopotamia

though we aren’t privileged to see its content

we can glimpse by the look on their faces

emotions of love, pure joy and contentment.

While over by the Nile River,

we meet another couple but their faces seem to be full of worry and sadness.

It looks like the river is experiencing a drought and doesn’t look to be ending any time soon.

With the hot African sun scintillating the land and getting hotter by the minute.

We return back to the couple

who are now firmly holding hands as if in prayer,

we see the look of worry and sadness on their faces being replaced

with a look of inner strength and faith.

We take a step back and we return to the present

It seems our visit to the past is up,

but who knows what tomorrow will have in store

Maybe visitors from the future will draw inspiration from the stories we create today.

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