To understand the meaning and depth of fairness

One has to be in the mires of despair

Searching for answers as to why things are the way they are.

To understand this one must feel it

Really absorb this manifestation of cruelty

Created in cold hearts from an even colder mind.

To solve it, is to remain honest to the cause

Is to bear truth to the matter that caused strife in the beginning.

Too many times we’ve held hands when actions were needed

 And spoke words filled with venom when forgiveness was needed.

We know very well what happens when the desired result weren’t achieved

Just unanswered wishes and hollow victories

As another generation is born

To clean the mess that we couldn’t help do in our time.



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11 replies

  1. And so more and more people are getting careless and self-centered which only shows that it’s only going down … hope more people speak about this 🙏 Great work Hasan~
    .°•* ○ ● °♡° ● ○ *•°.

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  2. Good insights. You presented a picture of the modern world.

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  3. This poem reflects our society, our world and also our families in so many ways. I think Hasan, the concept of fairness does not exist. Only God is fair ; neither humans nor life is fair. I can feel the angst in your words.

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  4. Exceptional thoughts: in order to understand we must feel, even more so than think. That’s how I understood this.

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