I wonder

I wonder at times if life is one big sitcom,
and the people we meet in our journey
are reoccurring guests from past lives or part of the cast and everyone knows their role but you.

If I promise to love you forever
Is that really true?
Or is that kind of special bond a once in a lifetime thing that separates itself from the rest.

I think sometimes in life
all we can do is  have faith and be firm on it.
We can’t control other people’s thoughts or feelings,
but we can control our own,
and if you believe in integrity and honesty.
then your word is your bond
and that in itself is sacred.

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  1. But then everyone seems careless and unserious but you … many times i wonder if it’s among the “everyone knows their role” OR if that’s really what life is supposed to be but we playing it wrong? ๐Ÿ™ˆ really enjoyed reading this!! Great work dear~๐Ÿ’•

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    • Thank you Yiena and I share the same sentiment as you. It can be confusing but I guess the only thing we know ๐Ÿ’ฏ is ourselves and that makes it a lot more clear. Hope your mother has been doing better and enjoy the rest of weekend Yiena.

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      • Yes but what troubles me is that meeting people that accept the person the way they are, understand and cherish them is definitely harder than i think … but i behave with every one the way i want them to behave with me and i only hope to not be let down lol ๐Ÿ˜…
        Oh! It warmed my heart you mentioning my mother! She is doing great and feeling alot better now! Thank you so much Hasan~๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™ˆ

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  2. “All the worlds a stage,” that’s what Shakespeare said, and we’re all actors…

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  3. Wisely-penned. I think “forever love” is real, but in our search for it we mistakenly overuse it, hoping that it is what we’ve been looking for when not really, really knowing. And I must admit (as a writer) I have helped caused some of this lusting after love. Almost every song, movie, book is about love or the death of love. Now, that says something powerful about love, but it also makes us all too hungry for it. A great philosophical and lyrical piece, Hasan.

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    • This is so true Benjamin and sometimes in our search or pursuit of love we can ignore or be blinded by what’s in front of us. I’m the same as you in terms of lusting after love and in my writing I try to remedy that to answer why it’s like that and put the power in our hands. I guess this is a question that humanity has been puzzling over since our beginnings and I can only imagine the conversations being had hundreds of years from now about love.

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      • Very interesting all you bring up. It’s a deep question: What will love be like in a one hundred years? It will be the same, of course, but very, very different. I think love will always have a metaphysical, physical, spiritual aspect to it, but it’s not also becoming a digital thing. Wow, you really got me thinking. How has the definition of love changed, and what will it become? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You always bring something deep to the table.

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      • Always a joy and a pleasure Benjamin and your right those key principle natures of love such spirituality, physical and metaphysical will always remain. It may be applied differently but that only makes the answers to those ever burning questions so interesting. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and the week ahead.

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      • You, too. Stay safe: you and everyone close to you!

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