Unfulfilled Potential

The shadows of yesterday’s shame still linger today

like a stain that will never be cleansed no matter how hard we try.

Our greatest weakness has always been our fears

and I use to think it was due to fear of failure or expectations,

but maybe our greatest fear is what if we actually do conquer our fears?

What will hold us back from achieving and realizing our true potential.

Does unity amongst all scare us to the point we’ll see ourselves for who we are and not what we are?

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  1. Interesting musings on fear. It’s seems completely opposite to logic but i think you’re right. We actually fear beating our fears instead of simply fearing failure itself. Perhaps because it’s so hard to achieve greatness.

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    • Thanks Benjamin and your right our fears is part of being human such as fear of height, drowing etc but alot of other fears such as rejection, failure, grief are challenges we face regardless if we choose to or not. Just as you said what happens if we do conquer our fears and we cross that imaginary line what happens then?. Hope you and your loved ones are doing well benjamin and have a great week ahead.


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