Too Late


I think time is a device created by the mind

to foster the idea that life is either passing you by

or moving too quickly.

In order for you to ”catch up”

it limits you to thinking in terms of

age, appearance, job, marriage…

and as you chase and chase this mythical dream

you lose yourself

until its too late.

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  1. This is deep! Instead of living and trying to make the best out of the life we have been given, we focus on time and the effects it has on us (like you said: “aging, appearance, job, marriage”, etc.). That mentality leads to a very unfulfilled and unhappy life. I spent so much time allowing time to dictate my life when I was younger. Then I realized I was wasting time by not living. Really appreciate and love this poem, Hasan. Very thought-provoking.

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    • Thank you Brandi for your kind and lovely words and you’re absolutely right. I’ve struggled as well with this issue being caught in the middle of either life is too slow or moving too fast for me to grasp it. I feel as though life changes everyday for us that we shift the goalposts for how we truly want to live our lives. I guess one answer could be to keep it simple and take it one step at a time. Wouldn’t it be funny if life was just one big tango dance and we’re all just learning on the fly. I hope you are doing well Brandi and staying safe and have an awesome week.

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      • That would definitely be funny if all of us were learning how to dance on the fly! That’s really how life is, right? We’re all learning our steps, trying our best not to stumble out of step along the way. And keeping in time… that’s exactly what it’s like. You are so very welcome, my friend! This definitely made me think! I’m having a wonderful time over here and trying to stay positive! Thank you! I hope you and your family are safe and doing awesome as well, Hasan! ☺️

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  2. Perfect, poetical truth! You explained the danger of time so well here! You waste so much time going after it, worrying about it, that you lose all your time, and there’s never enough of it, at least in the way we have been taught to think of it. I love this post! Really, really great work!

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