The heart doesn’t lie

but it’s not clear either.

Indecisiveness is quite common,

and messages can at times be misunderstood.

Not everyone who compliments you is genuine,

and not everyone who criticizes you is coming from a place of deceit.

After awhile it seems

Life is no longer black or white,

but a mix between the two

and we have to learn the difference along the way through trial and error.

The day we learn silence and experiences are life’s hidden treasures

is the day we cease to be humans and become immortals.

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  1. Nice work! You’re right. Everything is mixed together, for better or worse. Great conclusion: stop, think, and learn. That’s what I pulled from this!

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    • Thanks Benjamin and thats what I was going for. Everything isn’t quite as clear cut and sometimes what we think we know as false might be the truth and what we take for truth is just another lie. Hope you and your loved ones are doing well. Have a nice sunday Benjamin


  2. So much wisdom in this, Hasan. I think that’s the problem with today’s world. We want lies to be truth and the truth to be a lie. The people that are healthy for us are treated as if they are toxic and vice versa. I agree. It takes keeping our lips closed and opening up our minds and ears… letting wisdom speak, instead of shutting it out, to see these things.

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