Let us not cave in to our fears and doubts

and remember our tenacity and inner strength.

We’ve come too far and and overcame many struggles

to turn back and give in to the chaos around us.

Our  true beauty and perseverance comes from  our shared humanity

lending a helping hand or being a support for those who are in need.

Regardless of who we pray to or not,

we still go to sleep and wake up under the same sun and moon,

and our need to come together always illuminates when we face difficult obstacles.

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  1. This is such a powerful message of truth, Hasan. These times should definitely be a reminder that struggle is happening to all of us and that we need to come together.

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    • Thank you for your kind words Brandi and your absolutely right. We are all connected in alot of ways to each other through society as nurses, teachers, dancers , the elderly etc and when one of us is effected we are all affected, and times like now show that we are all in this together. I hope your week has been great Brandi and that your doing well and staying safe.

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  2. We need poets and artists spreading this message like they once did before. Art was always about helping to understand social issues or better the world in some way. This is a powerful piece. Humanity is our shared existence as you stated poetically; we need to embrace it and come together as one! Glad you posted this one today!

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    • Thank you so much Benjamin and I’m grateful for your kind words and your absolutely right. We can either get swept up in the emotions happening which can be choatic or try to take a step back and gather ourselves and push forward.


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