I’m striving for a change

both on the outside and inside

building anew on top of yesterday’s sacrifices.

Whether we take a leap or a few baby steps

it  is still a step towards an evolution,

and not the kind that’s spontaneous or drastic

but the kind that’s both subtle yet intense.

Leaving you feeling a mix of uncertainty and excitement,

because you took a step towards something you hope is better

and you don’t know what the end is going to look like,

but the process is always ongoing

and a better you awaits.

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  1. I am certainly in this process right now and I fight within myself wanting it to speed up so I can get through it as fast as possible, and yet also wanting to feel every moment of the journey.

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    • I totally understand and the key point for me was realizing that taking a step forward whether it was big or small was progress in itself and that I’m moving at my own pace and not comparing it to someone else’s. Thank you for your wonderful comment and I hope you have a great week ahead.

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  2. Inspirational words. What we need to spread as much as we can. It’s so easy to forget these things. But reading your words bring them back to the forefront. I definitely want to evolve this year, even if just “baby steps” at first. Those steps eventually turn to running. Great post.

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