Pursuit of Knowledge

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The sweet taste of knowledge

is akin to a kiss between two deprived lovers.

The peeling away of my ignorance

only to realise the magnitude of my oblivion.

What I thought was the bliss of not knowing,

was nothing more than floundering in my own death

while still living.

It was like I was existing and not living,

conscious but yet still asleep.

Now I feel truly alive for the first time

seeing and hearing for the first time.

Oh what joy and delight this is,

the lifelong pursuit of wisdom,

and the shedding away of ignorance.

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5 replies

  1. I love how you spoke of gaining wisdom as a beautiful thing, instead of it feeling like a curse. To know and come into the knowledge of truth can be a painful experience sometimes, but it’s a blessing because it’s sparing us from getting hurt out of ignorance. True, ignorance can seem like bliss, but there’s nothing blissful about knowing we’re living our lives blind and unable to see the dangers that lurk around us. Very beautifully and wisely put, Hasan. Love this!

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    • Thank you so much Brandi and your absolutely right. The truth is the search for ourselves/knowledge is a lifelong pursuit and ignorance is a huge obstacle we face along the way. The more I thought I knew myself. The more life would reveal more of my shadows to me and I would be surprised yet grateful because I got more work to do. Thanks again for your wonderful comment and hope your having an amazing Monday and a even greater week ahead.

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      • You are so right about what you said. We will never learn everything about life, but I’m thankful that we learn everything that we need to know in the amount of time we’re blessed to have on this earth. I’m so happy that you embrace the learning process of not only life, but who you are as a person. It truly is a journey. 🙂

        You’re so very welcome and thank you for the well wishes, my dear friend! Wishing you the very same!

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  2. Flow of knowledge transfer provides energy to working brain. It’s good writing about knowledge and wisdom. Thanks

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