Growth and Changes

Trying to understand yourself is a lifelong process

sometimes you think you’ve got yourself figured out,

but then you meet a new side of yourself

that leaves you stunned and surprised.

Before I use to take myself seriously,

but now I strive for balance and harmony

with a mixture of humour and grace.

I die each day and I’m reborn again,

I  rid myself each day of ignorance and bigotry

and I give in to knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

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  1. “I die each day and I’m reborn again”
    Wow! I love this line. So much depth to this. Each day, we grow and a bit of our old ways die to become something new. We develop new ways of thinking, new habits and we are constantly evolving, despite the passing of what is old in us. Really, really love the message in this poem, Hasan.

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