Rivers with No Destination

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Ever heard of the Nile, Euphrates and the Ganges?

places with history, people and a lasting legacy,

but I know a place where everyone’s goes

and wallows in their despair,

the river that bears no name,

the river where people go to hide their shame,

their anguish and distress,

the river with no destination.

Do you know why this river goes nowhere?

because like guilt, anger and pride

It serves no purpose to drive you forward,

but to remain still and ignorant.

Don’t take my word for it

but superimpose your life in these characters,

walk in their shoes,

and ask yourself

has anger, hate, despair and unhappiness ever driven you forward?

I’m no preacher

but an observer and I read people

and wonder to myself why?

why did person A choose to do that?

and more importantly,

I always ask myself why I do what I do and for what purpose.


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3 replies

  1. Beautifully written piece of work! Why do we do what we do, can anyone ever figure it out!


  2. Ending like a thump in my chest. Great work!

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