My thoughts on ‘To Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below’


This was by far my favourite collection of poems that I have ever written. The themes I tried to convey such as self-identity, love and curiosity was very important to me. I tried to dig deeper and question everything that I once knew such as our roles in society, what is the definition of a man or a woman without society giving you a definition.

The title was meant to be esoteric with children signifying us as children of God and ‘lost voices from deep below’ signifying our subconscious and the voice only we can hear from within. The target audience was definitely towards those who are familiar with the esoteric but also those who are constantly evolving.

As far as influences I drew from Rumi and Kahlil Gibran and many other writers but primarily I wanted to convey my thoughts with transparency and honesty with the reader.

It took a long time to write it but I am proud of the outcome because I became a better human being. I hope to grow and learn more in the future and make connections with other people who have similar aspirations.

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