My thoughts on ‘To Be Young, African and Gifted’


This is a  collection of poems that I had written with the intention to share my words with the world. The collection consists of 13 poems and is centred around self-identity, self-love, race and music. While writing these poems I was going through a metamorphosis about who I was and what I stood for. It was very therapeutic while at the same time challenging me to be fully open and honest. It was my first collection of poems that I released and reading on it back, I am glad I did it even if I cringe at some of the mistake that I made while writing it :D.

I drew inspiration from my African heritage and great musicians such as Billie Holiday, Tupac Shakur, Jackie Wilson and many others. The title itself was inspired by the legendary writer Lorraine Hansberry and Nina Simone who wrote the song ‘To be Young,Gifted and Black’.  My favourite poems are ‘These are my Heroes’ and ‘To be a Young Black Male’ because it summed up the theme of one loving and embracing his or herself and being unapologetic. These poems were written during the time in America unarmed Black man and woman were being killed and I felt I needed to express what I was feeling at the time.

Overall I loved the entire process and I went on to write a second collection of poems titled ‘To Children who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below’ the title is a mouthful but if it wasn’t for the fact I shared my poems the first time around it would probably be stuck in a file somewhere so I am thoroughly grateful for the lessons I learned from it.

The book can found in all public outlets such as Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Nobles etc.

Thank You !!!

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